Breeding Parakeets for Business

>> Sunday, September 20, 2009

Breeding parakeets is very interesting hobby. I encourage all the hobbyist and bird lovers to engage this kind of hobby. You can make it also a source of income like me. I have many pairs of parakeets in my back yard that being breed. How to breed parakeets is the common question of all the beginners that want to breed this kind of pet birds. Well in my opinion, this kind of bird species is quite simple to breed and uncomplicated. In my own experience of keeping birds parakeets is very easy to breed most especially for beginners.

As of now, approximately, I have hundreds of parakeets being bred in my aviary. I have also golden finches, cockatiels, and budgies. These hobbies of mine become a source of income of my family. Breeding parakeets is a good source of income we can say it profitable business. Last month, almost 500 hundred chicks have been move out to their parents. Most of them are independent and the rest are hand fed. That’s a lot of chicks and a lot of money too. I am hoping, this coming month I will sell them.