Breeding Parakeets

>> Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If you are looking for a pet and you are a bird lover, breeding parakeets is the best choice for you. They are good companion. They are easy to breed. Parakeet is one of the most popular and commonly pet birds. They are also called keets. Some country called them budgies or budgerigars.

Breeding Parakeets is pretty simple. You have to understand and take good care of them like a baby. The health of your pet budgies depends on your hands. You better give them a fresh and healthy food. They also need a variety of foods and clean and sanitized cages.Budgies can breed from parent to baby or vice versa, medical authorities called cross breeding. Breeding parakeets is enjoying and in the same time you can earn money by selling them.

Parakeets can live and breed in the wild and even in the cages. In the wild they do not bring their nesting materials instead they lay their egg directly into hard surface like hole in the tree or under the rocks in the forest. Parakeets are colony breeders. They can nest very close together, having there personal place.

There are ways and techniques in breeding Parakeets. Breeders discover on how to breed budgies effective and accurate. Individual pairing are one of the best way on how to breed ParakeetsBreeding Parakeets is easy… there are many ways how to breed parakeets. You can breed them in large aviary (colony) or individual pair. In my experience I preferred to breed in individual pair, so they can mate freely.

If you are purchasing parakeets, watch closely to the bird make sure that they not suffering any respiration problems, eye and nasal discharges, foot and beak fungal. Some pet store sells ill birds and old. Parakeets are easy to determine.

Parakeet has proper nesting and nutritional requirements. There are things you need to buy when you are breeding parakeets. You need still cages, nesting box, brooder and bedding. If all the equipment is ready and you place it in a proper place, they begin to mate. I would sometime put a shredded wood into each box and observe the pair of birds busily take away each one. This behavior of building their own nesting spot means that they are preparing for breeding.

Mature birds are one big factor you have to consider in breeding Parakeets. When the keets are fully grown and mature enough they begin to court and mate. After mating, normally, parakeet lays their eggs. The clutch consists of two to eight eggs. The female bird sits on her eggs by herself while the male feeds her. After the eggs are hatch both female and male birds feed their offspring. Give them variety of food and lots of water while the offspring are being feed. After a couple of weeks the chicks begin to fledge and try to explore the world but still feeding them from their parent. The best result for breeding Parakeet, give them a healthy diets and a good exercise. Make sure that the birds are fully grown and free from diseases and birth defects when they are breeding.


Vic Bird Control Sotto September 16, 2009 at 8:57 PM  

I love parakeets and I am searching for ways to raise this kind of birds since 2007. I want to monetize them and make some bucks to maintain and keep up their bird cages and bird houses. I want to provide them the right bird food and if possible, give them inexpensive or cheap bird seeds or bird feeds as well but will not affect their energy at the same time but provide them the necessary vitamins and minerals to live and perform well. I want to support their health as well by means of the correct feeding and proper diet and supplements. But to tell you the truth, I still have difficulty breeding my pair of parakeets. I bought them in a local bird store here in the Philippines. I thought it was easy to breed this kind of birds but still can’t get it right.

I have read your blog and thanks to you as it helped me a lot understanding the basic breeding techniques. It had helped me understand, for instance, that in terms of the correct ways on how to breed parakeets, we should be careful about the noise and loud sounds to allow them the “concentration they need.” while breeding. Your parakeet breeding guide and the basic to advance methods of sexing this kind of love birds had given me the correct information as well as accurate facts to be able to successfully increase their numbers in the future. I am hoping that if I followed your steps in breeding parakeets, it will get my feet into success.

In my school days, I used to search the internet about breeding parakeet’s methods but with all that crappy sites and blogs, I haven’t found the suitable methods to breed parakeets. It makes me berserk as a hobbyist due to the fact that I am “obsessed” with breeding parakeets. But now that I’ve stumble upon your blog, I’d say now that I had found the right methods in breeding parakeets.

I used to call them budgies, budgerigars, keets or love birds and I remember even calling them African love birds. I have mistakenly thought of them as African Lovebirds because my father was in breeding African love birds business. He is also in the breeding parrot business which gives me the opportunity to let love these kinds of animals.

I have these suggestions that I think can help other hobbyists and those we call “beginners in this kind of field” associated with breeding parakeets.

Discuss about how we can monetize these birds and how we can successfully market our parakeets to other people to be able to support our costs of supplies and needs especially bird seeds and other materials like bird feeders and bird toys. Bird pet’s supplies costs have been rising dramatically nowadays. I believed it will deteriorate our hobby if it will continue. We should seek for ways that will allow as making money out of breeding parakeets but will not put the birds at risks and will sustain our hobby at the same time. I will appreciate if you talk about how we can sell them (wholesale or retail) in our local bird store or pet store. I heard also that many individuals residing at the Philippines are interested in the hobby of keeping parakeets and breeding parakeets. A lot of ads and sites also have been in the business of buying and selling parakeets for long time now and I think this will be very interesting in our condition of global crisis and financial meltdown.

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