Breeding Parakeets for Beginners

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

If you are looking for information about parakeets you came on the right place. This blog of mine is all about breeding parakeets and caring for them. In my little knowledge and experience in keeping parakeets for almost 10 years I have lot of things that I really treasured in my mind. Light green is my first pair of parakeets I bought in my favorite pet store near in our house. I am much exited because that is my first time to kept birds. My entire pets are dogs. I have 1 female pit-bull fighter, 1 male pit-bull show type. I have also 2 baby Dalmatians and 1 pair of terriers. I loved dog breeding… if you have asthma, dog and birds can cause asthma. Feathered animals can trigger asthma like me I have asthma but if you know how to deal and to avoid its ok!

Ok! Back to breeding parakeets I was carried away… breeding parakeets for beginners is just a piece of cake to you (Beginners) but commitment and responsibilities are one of the requirements in breeding or keeping parakeets. I remember when I was having troubled in my first pair of parakeets; my female parakeets have a whitish colored foot. I am very sure that this is all natural to them but suddenly I found out that she has a foot disease or fungal infection. I rushed to a near veterinarian after she been checked up and diagnose her disease the veterinarian gave me a prescription and I went to the nearest pharmacy. After that we go home and treated my parakeets after one day she seems alright and having a signs of activeness. Thanks for the veterinarian and also the medicines.

Breeding and keeping birds are enjoyable hobby. If you are deciding to keep a bird in your house or in your backyard make sure you have plenty of time to them to keep them secure and healthy. You’re birds health shows up your personality and how good you are.

If you are beginners, parakeets are the best bird to keep. They are less expensive, from the bird to their nesting materials, they cages, they food utensils and their foods.

Parakeets are easy to handle and care, caring for them is very simple. You have to know first the anatomy of the birds so you can learn the system of their stomach. Knowing the right food to give the, the right caring for them and the time you have to spent with them not only to be entertain you also them. They need some one to talk too like humans. If they are no one else to talk too they become bored and sad. They also need to play and to exercise. There are many things you have to consider in breeding parakeets. You have to learn and know about them. First, bear in your mind, parakeets are dependent to their owner. The Owner must take all the risks and responsibilities on how to take care of parakeets. The Owner should have little knowledge or little background in the field that they are about to move in. the Owner should have time and plenty of energy to take regular visit and regular cleaning all the area and all the things that parakeets are using and even the food their eating. Food must and always clean and fresh. Drinking water needs to replace everyday to make sure no bacteria are living and to avoid diseases. Cages must clean all the time and even the nest boxes, wooden perch, food utensils.

In parakeets breeding you are enjoying and in the same time you can earn money by selling the parakeets babies.

There are countries and breeders are keeping parakeets and breeding them to make money. Keeping birds are one of their sources of income to support their family and to raise their children, like me, first I kept the birds for fun and hobby but I decided to keep and breed them for profit, now, I have almost 200 pairs in my backyards and still growing. Many people came to me and keep asking me how to breed parakeets. Well I tell them all the knowledge and experience that I know to encourage them to keep parakeets and to love them as a member of the family.


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