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>> Saturday, August 1, 2009

Keeping birds is a very simple task for bird owners. As a bird owner like me and others, keeping them healthy and safe is very important task for us especially when breeding procedures. Breeding parakeets requires time and energy. Sometimes, financial is needed for their maintenance. Bear in your mind, knowing what to do and what to avoid is very important. Keeping a healthy bird is one biggest success for any pet owner and breeders.
There are many factors you have to consider when breeding parakeets especially on how to keep your bird a healthy one. Health is Wealth; birds need to be healthy most especially when they are preparing for breeding. If the birds mature enough and ready to breed, they must be in a good condition to ensure the babies health. If the parents are in good condition they can raise their off spring very well. They can manage to give regular feeding to the babies. To keep them healthy they must give them fresh fruits and veggies. Give them variety of mixed seeds. Birds need exercise also like humans. Fresh and clean water are also provided. When the weather is hot they need to take a bath. You can give them food supplements if needed.
In breeding parakeets, caring for them is one of the most important things you have to do. Your pet’s health depends on your hands “The Owner”. It depends your hands how to keep them healthy.
How to keep them healthy? A common question in every person who has decided to keep parakeets or any other pets they have decided to keep as a companion or one of the new family members. A healthy parakeet produces more fertile eggs and they have the ability to raise their babies well and healthy. Give them a good basic, healthy seed mixture or pellets if the parakeets is used to them. Give them a variety of green foods and fruit, including lettuce, carrot, celery and apple. Cuttlefish bone should always be presented for the calcium content. An iodine block is useful for the vitamin content and to provide a means for keeping the beak trimmed. Grit is also necessary. Supplementary foods that can be offered include tonic seed or seeds on sticks as treats.
Keeping your facilities clean and well sanitized is very important most especially in breeding parakeets. Regular cleaning of their cages and nest boxes is needed to keep them away from fungal infection and any other diseases. In order to keep your bird away from disease cleaning them is a key for having a healthy bird. Feeding utensils should be clean regularly. Keeping a healthy birds signify your proper caring for them. Healthy birds live with the healthy breeders or Owners and they live happily ever after…


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