How to Take Care of Parakeets

>> Monday, August 3, 2009

There are some things you have to learn on how to take care of parakeets. When deciding for keeping pet birds you should know all the information about parakeets to ensure you’re bird’s health. To make them entertaining and a good companion they must be in a good health. Some pet owners don’t have enough knowledge of caring budgies. They were keeping the birds as money matters.

Four Aspects on How to Take Care of Parakeets;

A proper housing for your pet parakeets is need to ensure their safety and healthy. In breeding parakeets they must have large cages to have a plenty of space to fly. Regular cleaning of cages and nest boxes is important to keep them away from illness or any other diseases.

Parakeets are seed eaters meaning most of their diets are seeds. Give them a variety of seed mixture. You can offer them small amounts of fresh fruits and veggies as a treats. Always offer a clean water to drink. Cuttlebone is always provided most especially when they have babies.

A parakeet needs to exercise like human being. If you have a large flight you can put your parakeets in couple of hours to make their wings flip up and to fly a lot. Having a good exercise makes them active and cheerful. Parakeets get easily get fat when their have lots of exercise.

Diarrhea is a common parakeet’s disease. If the birds have a weak immune system its hard for them to recover and the results is death. Too much fruits and veggies can cause diarrhea and a polluted water to drink also can trigger diarrhea.

In breeding parakeets, you need to learn how to take care of parakeets. Taking proper care of your parakeets needs time and energy. Your pet parakeet needs exercise like humans. Pet owners and breeders assume they can just leave the birds in a small cage all day and all night. The birds in the wild fly and exercise a lot. Parakeets that have a good exercise can live a maximum life span and parakeets don’t have exercise becomes fatty and fat related illnesses. They also died easily. If trimmed, just have a decently big cage with good and proper toys and give the bird some play time out of a cage every day. Manual exercise can be achieved by a sensitive toss or holding it in your hand and sensitive dragging down until looks tired, shown by heavy breathing. Paying attention of you’re bird's health is required when you are keeping them. You should know how to take care of parakeets especially in winter time. Parakeets get very cold, very quickly. Make sure you keep your pet in a warm environment but not into direct sunlight it may cause heat strokes. Be careful when hanging the bird cage from the ceiling as this is far from the heat source in most houses. Make sure the cage is not near any windows. It can get very drafty near a window and your bird can die from this very slight draft. A pale parakeet will sleep more than regular and fluff out its feathers. If your parakeet appears to be unwell, or is not eating adequate you should contact a veterinarian. With good feeding, care, and love, your parakeet will live a long and healthy life. Learning how to take care of parakeets is important so that your pet and you will have a long and wonderful life.


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