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>> Sunday, August 9, 2009

If you’re looking for techniques in breeding parakeets you came in the right place. This article of mine is all about techniques in breeding parakeets. This is also what I experienced and learn in couple of years in keeping birds and breeding budgies. I remember when I first got a pair of parakeets its amaze me and very exited but suddenly, in some reason, they had a diseases. In that time, I had no back ground or any information about parakeet. I don’t know what to do and they died.

In my mind, breeding parakeets is just caring babies they need to be cared to love to have a clean and fresh diets and even exercise. So I decided to research to have a little knowledge about them. I read books and research in the web to find some things that I need to know how to take care of the parakeets. So in the procedure of learning in addition I went to many people who also breed parakeets to talk too and find some information about parakeets. After that I have a little knowledge. I decided to buy plenty of parakeets in some friend breeder to do the same things.

All the things that I have learned to them I apply to my pet parakeets. Now, I really enjoy this kind of hobby and in the same time business. Parakeets are a profitable business for me and after you have read this article I encourage you and all the hobbyists out there to decide to keep and breed parakeets.

Parakeets are native birds and originated in Australia the land that they came from. They also called Budgerigars or Budgies; in some country in the world they usually called keets. In the pass decades, budgies are living in the wild forest. Parakeets are colony breeders and nesters that means they can live and breed close together. If they are mature enough, parakeets find a place to lay their eggs. Usually budgies behavior in breeding, they do not find and bring their nesting materials like twigs, branches and shredded woods in their nest instead they lays their eggs in a hard and holes of trees. Sometimes they nest under the rocks in the forest. People in Australia get an interest to breed in captivity that’s why parakeets are easily adopted those techniques in breeding parakeets.

First of all, if you are interesting about parakeets and you have decided to keep them as a companion. Ask your self how much energy and time you have? Keeping pet birds requires time and energy commitment for your pet birds. They also need love and caring just like babies. Especially when you are breeding parakeets, regular visit to them is needed to know what’s happening to them.

In breeding budgies you have to know all the information about parakeets before you buy one in your favorite pet store or in a breeder. There are things u need to buy like still cages, bedding, food utensils, and nest boxes. When you have all the equipments and are all ready find a best place in your back yard to put your pet budgies. Finding place to put and place your pet parakeets should be a warm and dry place. Bear in your mind putting your pet parakeets in direct sunlight can harm them and they can die from direct sunlight. How to breed parakeets are common question in every beginners in this kind of hobby.

There are two techniques in breeding parakeet’s colony breeding and individual pairing. These kind of breeding techniques are proven and tested even medical authorities agreed.
In my little knowledge and lots of years of experience in keeping and breeding parakeets individual pairing is the best way in breeding parakeets.


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