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>> Friday, August 7, 2009

Parakeets make great pets. They are happy and responsive and the large variety of shapes, colors and sizes means that you are sure to find one that will at ease sit on in your life. Breeding parakeets is entertaining and enjoy full hobby. Many people want to have a pet bird like parakeets but the problem is how to choose a parakeets. Choosing the right age and free from disease is not hard to decide too.

If you decided to keep a bird or to breed them you have to learn about the four aspects on how to take care of parakeets, to have a little knowledge and information about parakeets you better read a book about the anatomy of parakeets, open a web to take a look up what to do, and the information about the parakeets and the nature of their environment. If you hurrying to buy a bird think first, having a pet bird needs time and energy commitment. Love and caring for them is also required to have them a healthy and long life.

If you are buying parakeets in pet store or in a breeder be careful. Watch closely, look very well, give them an eye for them to determine and distinguish the parakeets if they are not carrying any disease, free from respiratory disease and fungal infection. Newly purchased birds should be kept away from other birds and to be quarantine in several weeks to make sure they are not carrying any kind of illness.
Considering what bird to choose you also want to think about their lifespan. Parakeets may only live for five to fifth teen years but other birds such as Parrots may live to fifty years and Cockatoos up to one hundred years. It’s most excellent to have at least two birds, because once bird by itself can get lonely, especially if you are not home throughout the day. Having two birds prevents parakeets from getting lonely and unhappy, though if you only have one bird, plenty of toys can keeps this from happening. If you have to leave your bird home alone for more than one day, either leave it with a trusted, cat-free friend or neighbor, or have somebody check on it and take care of it each day.
Breeding parakeets is easy but in other way you have to spend time to take care of them. Parakeets are intelligent, very active and a good companion. In breeding parakeets time and energy and lifetime commitment in your pet parakeets is need to have them a long and healthy life. You have to learn how to take care of parakeets to ensure the safety and health of your pet. There are things you have to consider when you are deciding to have a pet parakeet. You ask you’re self how much time and energy you have to take all the responsibilities and all the risks of keeping them.
Parakeets are fully dependent in their owner. The Owner must be responsible of the things they have to do to make sure that the pet birds are safe. Knowing the information about parakeets is one of the keys to make breeding successful. Keeping them is enjoying full hobby, but some hobbyist decided to make it profit. Breeders kept the bird for pet and in other way they keeping them for business. Breeding parakeets make a profitable business in fact some countries, breeding parakeets is one of big source of income. Breeders, breed the parakeets after that they sell them for making money.
How to choose a parakeet is one of the keys in breeding them successfully. Make sure you talk to your parakeets and play music often, but not too loudly. A large amount of parakeets aren’t too selective about what kind of music you play. Music in common promotes excellent atmosphere and good health, which will make both you and your parakeet cheerful.


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